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Alexa Ilacad released her first original song in four long years last November 2020 — an effervescent dance-pop track titled “Love at First Sight” which perfectly captured the magnetic excitement of first love. The song, produced by international hitmaker Bryan B and written by Melissa Erpen, showed off Alexa’s vocal range and newfound sound, much to the delight of fans who had been long awaiting her return.



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In addition to the song, which Alexa performed live on numerous shows and interviews, peaked at number 12 on the MYX countdown and enjoyed widespread streams and radioplay. Alexa also released an incredibly relatable and of-the-moment music video that she starred in, directed, and filmed herself in between lock-in tapings for her films and teleseryes.



Just last February 2021, Alexa released two new versions of “Love at First Sight” remixed by world-renowned DJ Frank Pole, a breakout electronic artist who has worked with artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Khalid, P!nk, Tinashe, and many others. The truly electric remixes (a radio edit and extended version respectively) have been widely enjoyed as an immediate mood-booster, featuring on numerous editorial playlists on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Digster, not to mention raking in thousands of streams within its first month.



In a show of her adaptability and versatility as an artist, Alexa has also recently released an acoustic version of “Love at First Sight”, a more sentimental rendition of her hit track that’s no less catchy and LSS-inducing, perfect for those summer feels.



With news of a new single in the works, it’s safe to say that Alexa Ilacad is truly coming into her own as an artist, and we can’t wait to hear what she comes out with next!