Park Hyung Sik’s Most Unforgettable Lines

If you’ve ever felt so drawn to Korean drama, it must have been because you really loved the story.

These stories take countless scenes to build, and what makes a good scene (apart from an impressive and talented actor such as, say, Park Hyung Sik) are well-written and well-delivered lines—well-executed dialogues with co-stars that give the characters we love a deeper, more interesting dimension. After all, we mostly remember our favorite scenes from shows because of something that a character said in a scene that struck a chord in our hearts or made us feel something.

Hyung Sik’s versatility and ability to deliver compelling lines is one of the many things that make him a great actor. Here are some of the most memorable things he has said in-character:

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – Ahn Min Hyuk:

“I was more than happy to wait. Also, I’m confident because we’re fated together.”

“I don’t think I can live one moment without you. Let’s be together forever.”

“I came to tell you something. I have to say it now. You should stop having a crush on him. I think I like you.”

“Can you please like me?”

“I’m crazy for women. They make my eye flip.”

“Don’t look at anyone else that way.”

“I’m not leaving without you, we’ll go together….I won’t ever leave without you…”

Hwarang – Sam Maek Jong:

“Who are you to make me feel insignificant?”

“Then I can continue not being the king because I think it is better to be your friend than be the king.”

High Society – Yoo Chang Soo:

“A man who would move the whole country to go to you.”

“Let’s live today, since tomorrow is an unknown.”

“Don’t give your whole heart away, leave some of it behind…”

What Happen’s To My Family – Cha Dal Bong:

“You said I’m the only man in your life, so I sealed that deal.”

“I’m not a petty man who stops the woman he loves from doing what she wants.”

“I thought you’d always be there right there behind us…I miss you… Father.”

The Heirs – Jo Myung Soo:

“Hungry and cold!… Finally that decisive moment!… I refused to give up!… I got you!”

“Third son of Jeguk Group! What? And I’m his kid sister!”