11 Things You Should Know About PARK HYUNG SIK

It’s true, what they say—that once you get into Korean dramas, it’s difficult to undo their manner of luring you into an entirely different world of riveting stories, entertaining dialogues, and captivating tales. After all, Korean entertainment has become a global force that has almost effortlessly taken the world by storm through the years.

There are many reasons people are so hooked by the appeal of KDramas, but one of the most effective vehicles through which the audience finds these stories so delighting is the effective portrayal of the characters themselves. Various Korean actors and actresses have truly mastered the craft of bringing these characters and their stories to life, that we find ourselves falling in love with not just their unique plots, but with the very people around which the stories revolve.

We could go on and on making a list of our favourite Korean actors, but one we’d like to shine the spotlight on is the charming and charismatic Park Hyung Sik, whom you might currently know as CEO Ahn Min Hyuk from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (among many other roles he has played).


Born: Nov 16, 1991 (age 25)

Blood Type: AB

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 65 kg

Talent Agency: United Artist Agency (Korea)

Here are 11 things you need to know about Park Hyung Sik, who is one of today’s most talented and appealing Korean actors:

1. Hyung Sik was first known as a member of the idol group ZE:A.

2. Aside from his great acting, Hyung Sik can sing very well. He is also the main vocalist of ZE:A and has released a number of songs for the OSTs of High Society, Hwarang, and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

3. Hyung Sik is the maknae (youngest) in his family so he’s got a lot of aegyo (cuteness).

4. Park Hyung Sik was dubbed the Baby Soldier by his fans when he appeared in “Real Men”, one of the most popular Korean variety shows, because of his cuteness and innocent charm. The other cast members branded him as the “most clumsy”.

5. He’s acknowledged as the “MASTER OF KISSING” after so many kissing scenes in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

6. Hyung Sik says he is still pretty innocent when it comes to romance.

7. He said that when he falls in love it would not be on the set of a drama. He wants to meet his true love when he is on vacation, saying that it would be great and he wouldn’t want to come back home.

8. Hyung Sik once stated in an interview that he will be able to give up a lot for the person he loves and when he finds that person, he will not hesitate to expose their relationship.

9. During the said interview, the star revealed his ideal type. He stated, “I want to meet a girl who can help me take a look at myself and make up for my weaknesses.”

10. Hyung Sik said he wanted to try all movie genres but he is most interested in doing is action film for macho men.

11. His father is a board member of BMW Korea, making him a chaebol

* Trans: A chaebol is a child or an heir of a high-ranking business official.