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  • jen : hi pulp!
  • jen : hello pulp.
  • Shanene : follow PULP
  • Shanene : Hello PULP
  • guest_8903 : I was wrong my E-mail address 🙁
  • guest_8903 : I was wrong my email address.How can I fix this??:(
  • guest_4421 : Hi.Can i still register to kpop free concert this coming march 7?
  • skzguest : Hi! I already sent payment for #UNVEILTOURinManila through PayPal and sent the details via email. I haven't received any confirmation email yet.
  • guest_3858 : Trying to pre buy Slayer shirts but it just doesn't seem to work. I get response thanks for order but that's it.
  • guest_170 : Can u bring MOVEMENTS in Cebu?
  • guest_6061 : Hello, are you hiring fresh broadcasting/communication major graduate? For regular employment?
  • Happee : hi
  • guest_6718 : hi pulp
  • guest_6718 : kapag bumili po ba ng ticket online may makukuha pa din na hard copy na ticket? for souvenir purposes? :))
  • guest_298 : Hello po kailan po yung raffle for hi touch
  • guest_199205 : Hi! I would like to ask if you’re open for job application. Graduate of Business Management. Thank you!
  • guest_2254 : Hi pulp. So, wala pang announcement when yung ticket selling for TWICELIGHTS, but nung vinisit ko tong site niyo may nakalagay na date, which is May 19 at 12NN. Legit po ba to?
  • guest_7585 : When is the official day of TWICELIGHTS ticket selling?
  • guest_2713 : what is a pulp royalty?
  • guest_3229 : Please bring MAMAMOO here :((
  • guest_7635 : do you accept part timers or volunteers during shows?
  • guest_7971 : Hi? How can I download the mayday parade sunnyland meet and greet pictures po?
  • guest_8133 : Hi! ask ko lng po if possible na pwede credit card sa pre-selling and another one is kay mother ko yung credit card, so do I need to bring her para sa pre-selling or authorization letter will do? she's senior citizen na e. Hope u reply. Thanks!
  • guest_4045 : Good Morning Pulp Philippines, I just want to ask where can I buy official Pulp band posters? Thank you
  • guest_5650 : Aswan, Egypt
  • guest_8893 : hi, do you have hiring po? Graduate of Advertising and Public Relations 🙂
  • guest_3833 : Hi pulp!
  • guest_1001 : hi. just like to ask if 3 yr old kid is allowed for twice concert
  • guest_3524 : How to submit the vid?
  • guest_188 : Are tickets possible to be sold out in just the pre-sale event?
  • Mark : Hi how can i apply on the chosen once 2019
  • Mark : hi how can i apply in chosen once 2019
  • gabriyel : Hi, I waanna as if you accept part timers?
  • guest_1492 : hello are you still hiring for internship? i'm currently studying bs accountancy
  • guest_6197 : annyeong how can i apply on the chosen once 2019?
  • guest_6197 : how much is the tickets?
  • guest_6197 : is 14 years old is allowed to go in twice concert alone?
  • guest_7817 : hello, how much is the ticket for twice concert and how much is vip?
  • guest_3643 : ₱12,500 vip in ph
  • guest_6855 : I made a mistake and applied for 2 sheets, can I pay only 1?
  • guest_6855 : I have purchased two wrong tickets for TVXQ, can I change to one?
  • guest_5335 : Is there any update for the queuing number for twicelights vip standing?
  • guest_9127 : kakakita ko lang neto sa twitter. bat ang weird ng seat plan ng VIP ng TVXQ. pano naging 1st row ang seat 14???? bakit baligtad yung numbering sa section V and Q
  • guest_9127 : di ba dapat a1 --> a14? laging VIP binibili ko. 1st time ko nakakita ng ganyang system ng numbering ang weird weird
  • guest_3091 : bat sold out agad ung mga pre order sa twice
  • Morgan : Pwede na bdo mobile fund transfer payment sa pre order twicelights merch?
  • guest_1054 : May pc ba ung cbz na ibebenta?
  • guest_1054 : Alaws na agad jeong passport case :'(
  • guest_211 : Hi meron po bang booth para sa merch ng twice sa mismong con?
  • guest_0717 : Hello po, pwede pa po bang mag avail ng merch ng twice sa mismong con? Kahit hindi po nag pre order? Thank you!
  • guest_530 : I didn’t receive an email but I have an order id. Where can I send the receiptv
  • guest_2730 : From what theyve said just reply to the email thread of the reciept
  • guest_8140 : Hello! I already paid and send my deposit slip for the twice merch pre-order but my order status is still on-hold
  • guest_8963 : same ^^^
  • guest_5435 : Hi, where can i see if my order for twice merch is still on hold?
  • Rem : ^Sa "orders" po ng PULP account nyo
  • Rem : ^^^According to them, after ilang days pa po bago ma-update yung on-hold status po ng order bc andami raw pong orders. Pero as long as nasend nyo raw po payment and proof of payment before deadline, you should be okay daw po c:
  • guest_7390 : Hi, for proof of payment ng paypal, is the order reference the proof i should send to the email?
  • guest_5140 : When will the queueing number for VIP standing be released?
  • guest_8030 : may Registration pa ba n raffle sa twice ayaw kasi gumana ng ticket number ko
  • guest_7471 : kelan po kayo maglalabas ng queueing no. for lower SRO sa twice concert? thanks
  • guest_8420 : wala pa din pong queueing no. ?
  • guest_6114 : hello po
  • guest_ : car parking?
  • guest_2557 : San po yung line for premier suite?
  • Yugi Atem : Nawala po yung On-Hold Status ng Binili kong Candy Bong Z at hindi na nag rereplay si Pulp. Sales sakin. Na scam. Naba ako ng Pulp Live?
  • guest_4012 : pwede po ba magreserve ng tickets dito?
  • guest_8092 : Can we buy tickets direct sa Pulp?
  • guest_199205 : Hi! I would like to ask if you’re open for job application. Graduate of Business Management. Thank you!
  • guest_199205 : Hi! I would like to ask if you’re open for job application. Graduate of Business Management. Thank you!
  • guest_guest_guest : guest what
  • guest_3219 : I paid again because of a payment error, but my card was approved. Can you refund??
  • guest_6803 : how does queing system works for VIP standing? I don't see any sense on this because I believe people will still try to go ahead of time to be first at their perfect spot
  • guest_8920 : yo... how do we avail for the warranty on the lightsticks
  • guest_8920 : mine recently became faulty for no reason. i just kept it in the box and just used it literally once during the concert..
  • guest_8920 : @guest 6803 when you buy standing vip tix you get queue numbers depending on when you bought the ticket.. when you are the first one to buy a ticket for a specific standing section you are given the first queueing number.. whereas when you buy via IPA/PPA you get a much later queuing number because they prioritize people who went in line.
  • guest_8920 : @ guest 6803 a lower queueing number means closer to the barricade.
  • BaconN'Eggs : I don't think you'll make any money working here...
  • BaconN'Eggs : my pee-pee is itchy. any advice?
  • guest_7310 : How can i live stream?
  • guest_4135 : hi
  • guest_8474 : Hi. Are there any job vacancies in your company?
  • guest_4086 : Hello. Are you open for any job positions?
  • simplyAhgase : Hi Pulp! Just want to ask how much will be the ticket charge for a VIP standing and Upper Box A tickets to GOT7 Keep Spinning in Manila? Thank you for your response. 😊
  • guest_4722 : Any update for aPPA/IPA ticket selling?
  • guest_2269 : Just want to ask how much will be the ticket charge for Upper Box A & B tickets to GOT7 ...
  • guest_9143 : I want to ask how many fans are possible to buy royalty for got7?
  • guest_2460 : Hi! I would like to ask how to apply for your company.
  • guest_518 : Hello, how can we see pictures in vip meet and greet from Luke Holland?
  • guest_5720 : How can I apply to your comany??? Can I apply a part time job??
  • guest_744 : Can i use my parents credit card on purchasing roylaty in got7?
  • guest_8441 : i think u need to bring your parents with you
  • guest_3809 : Hi! I just wanted to ask. For got7’s keep spinning tour, can you still line up and purchase on sept 20 even if you’re not registered at the hwaiting lounge? Thank you!
  • guest_4897 : hi
  • guest_1983 : Hi can you still purchase the soundcheck royalty package for GOT7’s keep spinning tour even if you don’t have a hwaiting lounge id??

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PH Ahgases! This your chance to show your support at #GOT7KeepSpinningInMNL. Make the night extra memorable for @GOT7Official!

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TOUR INFO @ https://t.co/4rQKLVi2V4


Playing Discovering The Waterfront front to back along with other hits, @silverstein will be coming to Manila to celebrate their 20th year as a band.

#SilversteinInManila is on 1/12 at the SM Skydome. Tickets go on sale on 9/30 at all @smtickets outlets nationwide or online

Ahgases! It's DDay of Soundcheck Royalty (Hwaiting ID) Ticketing for #GOT7KeepSpinningInMNL! Claim your tickets today!

For Hwaiting ID owners: 9/20 12NN-9/21 Mall Hours
Official Ticketing (All Tiers): 9/22 12NN onwards via @smtickets outlets and online.


Before partying hard to great music last saturday, some lucky fans were able to meet the one and only @themaine!

Here are the meet and greet photos for #YOUAREOKMnl. Congratulations!


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