Words by Joey Dizon


Proving that nothing beats hard work and consistency, local pop punk outfit SNAKEFIGHT are definitely on a straight and solid trajectory to being at the top of their game this year, having recently released their single “Magbago.”

Though the band established themselves as one of the most high-energy live acts in the independent music scene since its formation in 2017, the group continues to prove that there’s more to their sound and style than just the requisite elements of modern pop punk, as “Magbago” takes a surprising turn to deeply personal lyricism and enters an almost stripped-down, ballad-y sonic scape.

“I knew it would be a challenge, but I just went with it,” vocalist Christian Tomacruz shares, when asked about the musical direction of “Magbago.” “Writing the song this time around felt natural: I didn’t overthink it and just wrote what I was feeling and what I’d been through,” and added: “I understand that people will always want to mosh and jump around, and that’s perfectly fine – but this time, I wanted to see people connect on a deeper level and be emotionally vulnerable; if they join me and sing at the top of their lungs with me, it’d be amazing.”


You can listen to “Magbago” here:


Alongside guitarist Luigi Tuazon, bassist Dowell Delos Reyes and drummer Nicolo Nimor, Tomacruz actually revealed that the past few years weren’t particularly easy, despite their collective productivity: “There were a few bumps and changes along the way, but we made it through together. The pandemic was definitely a wild ride, but I’m happy to say we persevered and are now living life to the fullest.”

Working with the famed Tower of Doom studios, the band reveals that there are definitely plans to release more music, sharing that – among the many goals – is the ability to release a collection of songs that would “take listeners on an emotional rollercoaster, complete with ballads, fast tracks, slow jams and everything in between.”

“We’re almost there!” Tomacruz replied, when pressed for any details he can share about the immediate plans of Snakefight. “We’re not in a rush, but we are super excited – it all depends on timing and of course, how people would react [to the songs]. But there’s so much more behind the scenes: new songs, music videos and a provincial headlining show kicking-off in June,” he reveals, and adds: “We’ll drop all the details soon, and we can’t wait to see you beautiful people.” PULP


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