Japanese Singer-Songwriter, Toaka Announces the Releases of Her New Single “NEW ERA” Produced by Yojiro Noda of RADWIMPS!


The 21-year-old singer-songwriter Toaka, best known as the singer featured on the theme song “Suzume feat. Toaka” from the award-winning auteur director Makoto Shinkai’s latest Golden Globes nominated film “Suzume,” is thrilled to announce the release of her new single “NEW ERA” on April 24th. The song is featured in a TV commercial for the Professional Institute of International Fashion. With the concept of the institute to develop global talent, the song is full of determination and excitement for a bright future. “NEW ERA” is produced by Yojiro Noda of the Japanese acclaimed rock band RADWIMPS and arranged by knoak/Nobuaki Tanaka.

The theme of the cover art of “NEW ERA” is the words “Messiah” (from the lyrics) and “anonymity.” Based on Toaka’s idea that she had in mind during the songwriting process, all dressed-up but somewhat composed strong female appear on the cover. This is a visualization of the possibility that anyone could be the hero/heroine.

Singer-songwriter Toaka came into music like many others her age. She first caught attention on TikTok, via covers of other songs and eventually, her originals, leading to major-label looks and her contribution to “Suzume”. The songstress just released her first major label EP (Universal Music Worldwide), Boku dakeno Ai, which shows the range of both her artistry and personal self. Her first collection of songs reveals an eclectic approach to music. “Discord-disco” slithers ahead while showcasing Toaka’s unnerving side, while “Cinder ella” bounces forward on a dance beat. “Boku dakega Ai,” meanwhile, places Toaka against a sparser backdrop, showcasing the dynamics of her voice. The lyrics throughout balance between youthful longing and something a touch darker. Chosen as one of Spotify’s Early Noise in Japan this year, Toaka is one of the most engaging voices of an emerging generation. Bridging both the classic idea of what a song can be and 21st-century concepts of what pop is, Toaka has just begun writing a new chapter in J-pop.

“My new song “NEW ERA” will be featured in the Professional Institute of International Fashion commercial campaign 2024! Wanting to keep running as far as I can and pursue my dreams without running away from my own battles, I wrote this song. I hope this song stays within your heart as you take a step toward your future! “  —­­TOAKA


“NEW ERA” is out now!




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