If there’s one thing bands and musicians know, it’s that all great things don’t come easy – you can consistently work hard and push the limits, only to realize that you’re seemingly always just halfway there; there always seem to be new levels and challenges that present themselves with each step forward.

It’s a sentiment that Rizal-based band FALL ON THURSDAY knows too well; just like your average local band, they’ve had every imaginable hurdle to overcome on the path to chasing their goals, and admirably, they’re still navigating their way steadily through the course of their collective calling.

Consisting of vocalist Jun Fabila, guitarists Cedric Jeff Limon and Paul Limon, bassist Jayvee Juanillo, and drummer Marvin Jay Earnshaw, the band recently released an all-new single called “Idlip,” a vibe-y and infectious single that sonically ups the ante with its slick production and focused dynamics.

But the rolling of the ol’ proverbial rock isn’t stopping there: the band plans to perform straight through the new year, having secured dates as far as 2024, and is currently gearing up for the release of the accompanying music video for “Idlip.” PULP caught up with vocalist Fabila and threw a few Qs his way.


PULP: How has the band been? Aside from working on the new single and the MV, what else have you all been busy with?

JF: We’re busy with our day jobs, but we always make time for music, no matter what. It’s very important for us, as we all have the same passion for music. We’re currently working on new music and, well, taking a new approach to things.


PULP: The band’s history is definitely a colored one, with lineup changes and both lows and highs, particularly winning a prestigious band competition. Tell us the history of the current lineup of FOT.

JF: It was a roller coaster ride full of challenges and drama. Change is inevitable. We joined a band competition, and honestly, after all that craziness, we thought things would get easier – having acquired new members and the knowledge we have now, but boy were we wrong! It’s more challenging, to the point we all felt we weren’t making progress, nothing was changing, and that it was all… hopeless. But with the new lineup, we think we found the right chemistry: everyone speaks up on what they think will be best to push the band forward, plus it’s really all about accepting everyone’s flaws and appreciating their individual strengths.


PULP: Last year, you released New Beginning and it was choc-full of pop punk influences. How do you feel the band’s current sound has evolved from that?

JF: We still love the old sound of the band, and we are not removing it from who we are, but we think a different sound and approach won’t hurt anything – and it even might invite other people to check us out. We had a bunch of pop punk songs, and it was fun jumping around and all, but it’s never a bad thing to try new stuff out. We’re listening to music we’ve never heard before, we have great advice from friends who know a thing or two about the industry and all these exciting methods we’ve never tried before.


PULP: The new single is “Idlip,” and the production and recording sounds slicker than ever. What can you tell us about the recording process of the song?

JF: It was an easy song to relate to, but the recording process was rigorous: new approaches to recording and writing guitar parts, drums, and vocals. We needed to adapt from what we knew. Our co-producer Lem helped us out a lot: parts were made simpler, and dynamics were added, especially to the guitars and vocals.

PULP: What can you tell us about the upcoming music video?

JF: We are still working on a few things, but we’re near a hundred percent; we want it to be something fun to watch but has a clear message for people who’ve left, hurt, and cheated-on their partners but who are also looking for a second chance. But again, in a light and sort of funny way.

PULP: You have tour dates lined up as far as April of next year. What’s the plan for your live shows? Describe it to those who may have not seen you live yet…

JF: We just really want to share the new sound; we might play some unreleased songs for the people who have followed us since, and for the people who might be following us in the near future. As far as playing live shows, we’re always a hundred percent with what we do, so we hope it’s fun for people who catch us.

PULP: What are the other immediate plans aside from touring once the single is released?

JF: We’ll be celebrating our 10th anniversary in March 2024. We will have tons of surprises at our upcoming shows.

PULP: What’s the ultimate goal of Fall on Thursday?

JF: Our goal is to create more music and be heard not only in our country but outside the Philippines. But no matter what, we will still push through and continue playing music passionately until we’ve reached the retirement age. Music is our comfort.