Though his musical journey started early, his taste for jazz was developed during his studies at the University of the Philippines College of Music– being drawn to the intricacies and the improvisational nature of the genre.


Though Lerma was furiously playing and refining his skills long before, many listeners started paying closer attention when he played guitar for spoken word/punk/jazz band RADIOACTIVE SAGO PROJECT. Years later, he joined rock supergroup HIJO (featuring the remaining members of supergroup BAMBOO and by 2017 established the modern jazz group FOUR CORNERS MNL. Recently, Junji has been playing with former UDD singer/songwriter ARMI MILLARE.


I find it easier to write instrumental music: it usually starts off with a germ of a melody or a motif, and I would write secondary melodies and countermelodies; that’s the easy part… The tricky part is making sure all these elements fit harmonically, melodically, and rhythmically with the proper sonic texture.


Junji: At the moment, I’m toying with the idea to of releasing another track based on this chapter of my life… who knows? This just might turn into an EP.