Sugarcane Enters a New Era

By Joey Dizon


Navigating the digital music world with finesse—with eight of their original compositions amassing millions of streams—folk-pop outfit Sugarcane recently unveiled their latest song, “Sinehan,” across digital music platforms, complemented by a music video.


The band, known for its distinctive songwriting that melds emotional melodies with sincere lyricism and storytelling, has recently been added to the expanding roster of Warner Music Philippines.


The six-piece band comprises drummer Froilan Bautista, flutist Ronamae Tiñola, keyboardist Luis Beato, lead guitarist Frain Reyes, vocalist/bassist Carl Guerzon, and vocalist/guitarist Cedric Angeles. They are steadily making waves in the music scene, resonating with an ever-growing fanbase. Their achievements are underscored by their nominations for Best Alternative Recording, Best Collaboration, and Song of the Year at the 2022 Awit Awards—a significant accomplishment in today’s digital age.


“I started writing ’Sinehan’ when I sensed the joy and romantic spark I once shared with my former partner waning,” Guerzon shares, delving into the single’s backstory. “It became clear that we no longer brought happiness to each other. The love and passion slipped away, leaving a void neither of us could fill anymore.”


However, it’s worth noting that the single wasn’t solely a one-man effort. Guerzon collaborated with guitarist Angeles and drummer Bautista. The trio began with two songs, merging the chorus from one with the verses from the other. The song reached completion when Froilan composed a bridge for it. The rest, as they say, is history.


“It’s a very melancholic song, but we hope it will help listeners realize that they can only experience true freedom once they accept that some things just aren’t meant to be. Once they do, they can eventually find true serenity,” finishes Guerzon.


A music video was also released starring actress Francine Diaz, a longtime fan of the band, whom they describe as “talented and down-to-earth.” After discovering Diaz was a fan, they decided to reach out to the actress, as they were also fans of her work.


You can watch the music video here.


Sugarcane is definitely on to something with their unique brand of songwriting and effective crafting of melodies. Their best-performing single to date, “Leonora,” has over 20 million streams, while their 2021 single “Kung Maging Akin Ka” comes in second with more than 6.5 million streams.


Alongside their ongoing musical experimentation, the band is also evolving in their aesthetic, currently embracing a green color theme, and their fanbase, which they’ve named “Sugarfolks.”


“‘Sinehan’ marks the start of a new era for the band,” explains Bautista. “We want to keep our fans on their toes and have them anticipate every release. They’re the reason behind all of our achievements and milestones. We’re also becoming more active in the live scene, so we’re hoping to see all of you at our future gigs!”

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