Sweet Like Ice Cream

“It’s a straightforward love song inspired by the people in our lives.”


That’s what ROCKSTEDDY vocalist/songwriter Teddy Corpuz revealed when asked about the band’s all-new, recently released single “Sorbetes.” The track—which has their trademark pop-rock catchiness and Corpuz’s easily relatable lyricism is now available on all music streaming platforms online.


Listen to the track here.


The song, which is their first since 2020’s ballad “Wag Mo Kong Iiwan,” comes at a time when the band is firing on all cylinders—being one of the most consistent live concert draws nationwide in recent years since the pandemic.


“I wrote it for my wife, Jasmine. There’s that never-ending feeling—even after all these years of being married—whenever I look at her or when she looks at me. There’s always that heart-melting feeling you get. Parang sorbetes na natutunaw [like ice cream that melts]. I feel so lucky and blessed to have her in my life, and I hope people that hear the song can relate to that sentiment towards the people they love,” Corpuz shared.


The track is independently released by Rocksteddy and was mixed and produced by renowned musician/producer Jack Rufo (of Neocolours/Kitchie Nadal fame) and mastered by DJ MOD


“It was a fun process,” describes guitarist Juven Pelingon of the sessions. “Teddy came up with the basic structure, and we all were given the freedom to add our personal touches, depending on how we interpreted the song,” says Pelingon, who, in turn, added a soaring and melodic guitar solo to the track. 


Meanwhile, bassist Christian Sindico reveals that they’ve also been busy in the studio, with the aim to release a full-length very soon: “We’re excited to share that Rocksteddy is currently recording more songs which will be part of an all-new album. We’ve got two more, which we’ll promote and release as singles first until we can put together the entire album,” he reveals. “We’re still very excited to play shows. That’s still the most exciting for us.”

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