hongjoin Releases Sophomore EP F(OOL)

By Joey Dizon


Recently named the 2023 SPOTIFY RADAR Singapore Artist, 21-year-old singer/songwriter hongjoin is busier than ever. With the recent release of his second EP, F(OOL), this Boston, USA-based artist remains true to his DIY roots, handling everything from recording to producing and mixing his original tracks from start to finish.


While his early work was primarily in the acoustic-bedroom-creator vein, listeners will quickly recognize his musical evolution in his latest release. He combines emotionally raw and sincere lyricism with trap/hip-hop beats and electronic layers. This is a notable departure from his earlier pop-infused interpretations of genres like indie and alternative rock, making the EP his most sonically ambitious yet.


Currently, hongjoin has released two singles from the EP, each accompanied by its own music video on streaming platforms: “In Another Life” and “Leave In The Summertime.” The latter is a heartbreak anthem that evokes feelings of nostalgia and regret.


You can watch the video of “In Another Life” here.


“While creating the EP, I knew I wanted a track that would tone down the energy of the other tracks,” the songwriter says of “Leave In The Summertime.” “But I still wanted a track that listeners could bob their heads to, but like, in a sad way.”

You can watch the video of “Leave In The Summertime” here.


“I wanted it to feel like an intimate conversation that never took place,” he adds. “Just like the transition between seasons, we slowly acclimatize to different phases in our lives, and nostalgia is the main emotion portrayed all throughout this EP.”


Check out more of his music here.