Mojofly Returns with Dance-Inspired Single “Mamahalin Mo Ba Ako”

By Joey Dizon


MOJOFLY takes the spotlight again with their latest single, “Mamahalin Mo Ba Ako.” The seminal power-pop/alternative outfit recently strapped on its dancing shoes and birthed a new disco-flavored single, simultaneously celebrating the release of its vintage-style and trippy accompanying music video.


This is their first single for the year 2023, following last year’s “Simpatiko,” a collaboration with Mayonnaise’s Monty Macalino. The band, comprised of vocalist Lougee Basabas-Alejandro, drummer Ali Alejandro, bassist Gelbolingo, keyboardist Kiko Montecillo, and guitarist Beejay Valera, surprised many of its longtime fans with a modern, more dance-style track, channeling their vintage OPM influences.


“It’s definitely a first!” shares drummer Ali when asked about the tune’s origins. “The song was written sometime last year during a trip to Bicol. Lougee had her phone and just started humming a tune in the van. She envisioned the song to be upbeat, but when we started jamming on it with everyone, the feel and pace became dance-y. So we decided to head out of our comfort zone and record it that way. With the help of Thyro Alfaro, we thought it sounded very fresh—at least, to us.”


You can listen to the single here.


Alejandro took charge of the direction and style for the music video. “The concept started as colors. We wanted to make it loud and with lots of contrasts—reds over greens and such,” he revealed. “Given the time frame, we didn’t have a solid idea in mind other than just performing, wearing awesome shades with lights, and adding a dance portion—again, something we’ve never done before. So we just went for it. But when I started post-editing the video, I started experimenting with AI and instantly got hooked. It’s an amazing tool.”


You can watch the music video here.


Last July 15, Mojofly officially launched the music video alongside their friend Acel Bisa, who also launched her latest single, “My Cure,” at Unknown13 Pub in Katipunan, Quezon City. Other performers included Madeline, Charleen Ong, Write Turn, Friday Brew, and Your Last Stanza.


“It’s great to be able to release new music since the band has been sitting in the back seat for a good part of the year,” Ali reveals. “We’ve had a few shows, but we’ve always wanted to get back to recording. So last April, we finally got to start. We have more songs coming, and we’d love to get an album out eventually. But in the meantime, we’ll keep playing our old and new songs and perform as much as we can.”


Photo courtesy of Yellow Room Music