Everything about this band is D.I.Y. – it’s always been so and we plan to keep it that way,” claims the members of Cebuano pop-punk group FliRt.

Hard at work with the finishing touches of their latest music video for their single “Beside Yourself,” the band – made up of vocalist/guitarist Praise Crisostomo, lead guitarist Jovanni Trinidad, bassist Carl Geverola and drummer Pedro Querubin – excitedly broke the news that the MV will be released this March 25th.

We came up with the concept and it’s going to be directed by RJ Trazona and edited by Ray of SJFilm,” shares Crisostomo, as Trinidad adds: “of course, it was a great experience – any chance we get to put our creative hats on is always a welcome activity for uswe’ve always been a hands-on kind of group: I work on the audio mixing and mastering for the songs, Carl is mainly in-charge of production, Pedro does the artwork and Praise usually takes the lead in stuff concerning our music videos…

Formed in the year 2005, FliRt took cue from bands like Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Paramore, Flyleaf and local bands like Slapshock and Faspitch and for years, fine-tuned their performances and came up with original material. By 2011, they participated in the Cebu leg of the annual Fete Dela Musique and by 2013, they were lined-up at the Cebu Music Festival, and further tightened their live game by opening for Slapshock.

Last year, the band travelled to Manila to play a series of shows and further promote their music, their latest fulllength being 2022’s No Regrets.

After the video, the plan is to release our third full-length,” shares Querubin, and adds, “we have songs written in Tagalog, Bisaya and English so it’s very exciting for us to finish this album. And of course, we really hope we can play our last album No Regrets in its entirety.”

Generally, we’re hoping to broaden our horizons this year,” says Geverola, and finnishes “we want to play and share the music not just in Cebu and Manila, but to all places in the country – we want to bring it everywhere.” PULP



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