Words by Camille Ignacio | Photo Credits: Cube Entertainment


Impeccable rookies are coming your way as LIGHTSUM enters the KPOP scene to become the newest 4th generation girl group. Chowon, Nayoung, Yujeong, and Juhyeon – all who were previously seen on audition programs ‘Produce 48’ and ‘The Unit’ – are joined by Sangah, Hina, Huiyeon, and Jian to complete the 8-member group of talented and energetic idols. On June 10 at 5 PM PHT, they released the vibrant and fairy tale-inspired music video for their debut song “Vanilla”.



The single serves as a special gift for both the fans and the public who are highly anticipating their debut. It hopes to “enchant the repetitive daily lives of yours with new fantasies to make you feel confident and uplifted”. Staying true to the meaning of their name LIGHTSUM, the song will surely bring light and positive energy to everyone who needs a little push to achieve their dreams and goals in life.





Grateful for the attention they have been receiving since their pre-debut, leader Juhyeon says “With gratitude, we will do our best to become the representative girl group of the 4th generation idols.” And because meeting overseas fans have become a challenge these days, the members are hopeful and excited to meet them through online events. “Although we are not able to meet face to face, we will try our best to communicate actively online,” says Chowon. Sangah adds, “LIGHTSUM is finally debuting to meet all of you. Although we aren’t able to meet all our fans abroad, we feel grateful for all the love and support you are sending from afar. From your support, we get the energy to work harder. Thank you so much. We love you!”



“Vanilla” is out now on all digital music platforms.



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