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Sydney Sprague is back with her new song, ‘staircase failure’

Words by: Luisa Marfil | Photo credits: Rude Records


The singer-songwriter who recently signed to Rude Records brings back her familiar yet surprising hooks, and hard-hitting topical lyrics with the release of her new song, ‘staircase failure’. 



“I wanted this song to feel like uncontrollably falling down the stairs,” explains Sydney. “It’s about falling in love so bad that it hurts, and the adrenaline rush that comes along with that. It’s big chaos energy.”

The song is taken from her upcoming album ‘maybe i will see you at the end of the world’ out February 26th, 2021 through Rude Records, which is available for pre-order here:

Sydney has captivated listeners with her ability to express what everyone cannot put into words, not to mention how she creatively holds a rhythm that blurs the line between melancholy and elation.



Sydney makes music for the end of the world, and with everything seemingly imploding in on itself, she reminds us that there’s only one thing we can all try to be: authentic.

Stream ‘staircase failure’ here:

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