Minzy Officially Kicks Off Her Local Debut with the Launch of the Tagalog Version of her Single, ‘Lovely’

Words by Luisa Marfil | Photo by Viva Entertainment


Multi-platinum South Korean artist and global K-Pop sensation, Minzy, signs with Viva and Open Door Artists to mark her exciting entry into Philippine entertainment.



Well known in the K-Pop industry to be the ‘Queen of Dance’ and 2ne1’s ‘Dance Machine’ with her exceptional skills and fiery stage presence, Minzy is now exploring a different side of her with the release of her single, ‘Lovely’. Her single was originally released earlier this year, but has been revamped especially with a Tagalog chorus for her Filipino fans. Minzy showcases a much more natural and relaxed side, as she sings to bring comfort and reassurance through her single.



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She admits that she was going through a rough patch at the time that she wrote the song, and that she hopes the lyrics express her message clearly as it brings comfort to herself, and hopefully to her fans as well.



Minzy reveals that her fans serve as her muse and motivation to create more music. She especially remembers her previous shows in Manila in 2014 and 2018, that made an impact on her due to the overwhelming support and energy that she received from her Filipino fans. She states that the fans’ support further pushed her to take the opportunity to pursue her career in the Philippines.

When asked about Minzy branching out to other fields in the local entertainment industry, she expressed that she’s open to the opportunities available to her, and that she’s looking forward to collaborating with other local artists, especially since Viva is a multimedia company and is very supportive of her activities.

With the world still currently at a standstill due to the pandemic, Minzy will be doing most of her promotional activities through online means to still be able to connect with her fans. We’re definitely looking forward to more content from Minzy!

Minzy’s Tagalog version of Lovely is now out on all digital streaming platforms. Listen to it here: