March 15, 2019
Araneta Coliseum

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Well-loved globally for his magnetic visuals and impressive talent, Park Ji Hoon is ready to take the spotlight for his first ever solo Fan Meeting Tour, with a much-awaited stop in Manila. Your hearts will be captivated as PULP Live World brings you 2019 PARK JI HOON ASIA FAN MEETING IN MANILA “FIRST EDITION”, happening on March 15, 2019 at the Araneta Coliseum.

Park Ji Hoon has continuously shown his finesse, which is credited for his popularity as a performer. After his successful stint as a member of South Korea’s top rookie idol group in 2017 and 2018—Wanna One—he still remains to be one of the most promising Korean idols of this generation.

Starting out as an actor in his childhood years, Park Ji Hoon starred in a number of Korean dramas and musicals. His notable acting works, among many others, are Peter Pan Musical, The Harmonium in My Memory, hit drama series Jumong, and King and I. It wasn’t long after that he went from being a child actor to training to be an idol singer. In 2017, he joined the second season of hit survival reality show Produce 101 and rose to popularity after being recognized online as “wink boy” and “aegyo trendsetter,” largely due to viral videos of his charming facial expressions during performances. The show ended with him winning Top 2 and victoriously becoming a member of Wanna One, with 1,136,014 votes from the Korean general public.

Consequently, his appearance on the survival reality show gained huge media attention, to the point that his signature gesture, “Nae maeum soge—jeojang!” (or “Save you in my—heart!”), made waves online. It was considered to be the Best Internet Catchphrase of 2017 in South Korea, announced by The Korea Creative Content Agency. Since Park Ji Hoon first showcased the move, various celebrities began mimicking it to an extent that the gesture was then used by numerous brands. More than that, he is also largely favored for his smorgasbord of talents. Not only does he have harmonious dance moves; he’s got the vocal prowess to match, too.

His popularity is indisputable—Park Ji Hoon’s teaser video alone broke 10,000,000+ views in Naver Cast’s Wanna One GO Channel. Recently, he launched his own official website which was flocked by a huge amount of supporters that caused the server to crash within minutes of opening.

Now beyond ready to take off with his budding solo career, Park Ji Hoon is expected to reveal more of his potential as he unveils his future projects, starting with getting close to his fans across the globe.

Manila will surely be dazzled as Park Ji Hoon makes his way to meet his Filipino fans and shower them with his heart-stopping looks and performances. Allow him to cherish and save you in his heart, just as much as you would shower him with your warm love and support! 2019 PARK JI HOON ASIA FAN MEETING IN MANILA “FIRST EDITION” will take place on March 15, 2019 at the Araneta Coliseum. Show starts promptly at 7PM. This show is brought to you by Maroo Entertainment, YJ PARTNERS and PULP Live World. Further show details and ticket prices to be announced soon!

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