Suicidal Tendencies To Release New EP in 2018

(Photo by Pep)

It turns out “World Gone Mad” won’t be Suicidal Tendencies’ last album after all, despite what frontman Mike Muir said earlier this year.

Suicidal Tendencies has announced that they are coming out with a new EP in early 2018. The follow-up to “World Gone Mad,” it’ll be produced by Paul Northfield, who first worked with the band on their seminal 1992 album “The Art of Rebellion.”

Not much has been revealed about the album except that it will be “a little more specifically a statement of the time” and that it “could be interpreted as political.”

“World Gone Mad” was the first ST album to feature former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo and new guitarist Jeff Pogan. Listen to “Living For Life” below:

Source: Blabbermouth