What are the inclusions of the PULP Royalty, VIP, and General Admission tickets?

For PULP Royalty tickets, please e-mail royalty@pulp.ph for the full details on the inclusions. VIP and General Admission are both designated sections.

How do I reserve my PULP Royalty ticket to get the full experience of PULP SUMMER SLAM?

Please e-mail royalty@pulp.ph and our Royalty Butler will attend to you promptly!

[Beer brand redacted] naman please! No to [other beer brand redacted]!

Folks, if you want a specific BEER BRAND at PULP SUMMER SLAM, feel free to tag them! Get their attention and let them know you want their booze by tweeting or messaging them directly on all their official social media pages.

I’m not from the Philippines but I’m looking to travel all the way to Manila to join the SLAM. How do I purchase my ticket?

We look forward to seeing you in the Philippines! We made purchasing tickets easier for you through Air Asia Redtix: https://airasiaredtix.com/pulpsummerslamxix

What merchandise will be available at the SLAM?

Official band merchandise will likely range from P1,200 per shirt. Other items may be available as well. Stay tuned for details!

I have a band, can we join PULP SUMMER SLAM? / We want [band name] at the SLAM!

Send your band suggestions at PULP SUMMER SLAM’s Facebook page so we may take them into consideration.

When will the full line-up be released?

We will post progressively toward official ticketing day.

I’ve got more questions!

Shoot us an e-mail at royalty@pulp.ph or leave us a message on PULP SUMMER SLAM’s Facebook page, and we will answer any further queries you may have. You may also call us at 727-4957. #SeeYouAtTheSLAM!

Hotels near Amoranto

  Price Website/Contact
The Cocoon Boutique Hotel Starts at ₱5,600 The Cocoon Boutique Hotel
Meranti Hotel Starts at ₱3,500 (02) 376-6340
Brentwood Suites Starts at ₱3,200 Brentwood Suites
B Hotel Starts at ₱3,100 B Hotel
Casa Pura Hotel Starts at ₱2,800 Casa Pura Hotel
Sequoia Hotel Starts at ₱2,400 Sequoia Hotel
Great Eastern Hotel Starts at ₱1,800 Great Eastern Hotel
Sir William's Hotel Starts at ₱1,600 (02) 371-4333


  Price Website/Contact
Torre Venezia Suites Starts at ₱3,100 Torre Venezia Suites
Newgrange Condotel Starts at ₱3,000 Newgrange Condotel
Lemon Tree Inn Starts at ₱1,800 Lemon Tree Inn
Hotel Sogo (Quezon Ave) Starts at ₱1,400 Hotel Sogo (Quezon Ave)
ZEN Hostel Panay Ave. QC Starts at ₱1,300 ZEN Hostel
RedDoorz Plus Starts at ₱800 RedDoorz Plus
BGC Hostel and Dorm (Quezon City) Starts at ₱499 BGC Hostel and Dorm

Main Office:
284 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue
Quezon City, Philippines

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9AM to 7PM
Saturday: 9AM to 5PM

Email: royalty@pulp.ph

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