PULP Magazine Issue #18

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After seven long years of countless rehearsals and gigs, Badburn has signed with a major label. Take a look at the strange chemistry between this angry quartet and their off-the-cuff songwriting style.



More than just a socio-political commentary, Wolfgangs’s new album Black Mantra brings the veteran rock band to the forefront of Pinoy rock amidst accusations of selling out and mellowing with age.



Opinionated and often times foul-mouthed, rap stars are both social commentators and agitators. In the heart of the burgeoning local rap scene, there’s D-Coy of Madd Poets, a polite rapper whose earnest 100-word a minute repartee about going solo and working on his first full length album, Plastic Age, proved too much for writer Kage Gozun to slip in a few words edgewise.



Nabokov’s Lolita tapped into the darker psyche of pretty, innocent schoolgirls. PULP talks to four colegialas about life and lust. Behind their pristine uniforms, harmless textbooks, and the Catholic upbringing, moms and dads, do you know who your little angels are?


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