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Best Practices To Encourage Student’s Participation In Classroom


Classroom participation is essential for students to learn new things with interaction. Participation n the class not only help a student to clear their queries on the spot but also boost their confidence. Similarly, a student can have a better understanding of complex ideas through participation u8n the class. But, some students feel shy to participate in the course, or some do not have enough courage. So, it is the responsibility of the teacher to encourage them. The teacher can learn different tips through essay writing services AU to promote their student in the class.

1. Intellectual group making

A teacher should offer group study to increase the engagement tin fellows. While grouping, a teacher should mix different student in the same group. For instance, one intelligent and two average but one weak student in the same group.

2. Entertain all question wisely

Every student asks a question according to his mental state. So the teacher should answer not just relevant issues but also entertain irrelevant one politely. This tip will boost student confidence to speak up n classroom.

3. Do not let make fun of anyone

A teacher should maintain class behaviour, as well. He should not allow other students to make fun of any stupid question or activity during a lecture.