Metalcore Group Lilith Keeps the Punches Coming

Words by Joey Dizon


Cagayan de Oro-based metalcore outfit Lilith are still on a sonic warpath and are gearing up for the release of an all-new single and music video this June 2024. Easily one of the most hardworking outfits that have risen to prominence in the past few years, the band—led by vocalist Nicole Pestolante, bassist and vocalist Jovy Pestolante, guitarist Michael Cosare, and drummer Allen Xerxes Mariveles—is paying no mind to whatever hurdles stand in their way. They plan to charge through 2024 with both sonic might and determination to cover as much ground as possible with their incendiary live performances all over the country.


“‘Poisoned Apple’ represents those pivotal moments in life where the decisions we make have the potential to either do us good or cause us harm,” Pestolante says when asked about the lyrical inspiration of the new single. She continues, “So the theme is really about choice, consequence, and the duality of the human experience.”


From the get-go, both longtime fans and newer converts will be assaulted with a flurry of hyper-speed double bass drums and extra thick and chunky riffage that is an obvious sign that its members know exactly what to do when it comes to pummeling eardrums. Released under Deadstring Records, the single pushes the sonic envelope even further, combining the band’s past knack for melodic metalcore and even gothic sensibilities with a rejuvenated love for other heavy genres like thrash and even death metal, mainly due to singer Nicole’s vocal stylings.


The single will be released on June 14, and the band will officially launch it via a performance on the same date at Matchbox Yard in Fairview, Quezon City. The group also revealed that an accompanying music video is set for release on June 29th on all video streaming platforms.


Truly, the coven is getting bigger and stronger, and many of us will have plenty to sink our teeth into. 

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