Moira Dela Torre Makes History by Surpassing 2B Spotify Streams

Words by Julian Mauricio
Special thanks to Caress Caballero of Cornerstone Entertainment


Singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre has once again made history by surpassing 2 billion streams on Spotify across all credits. This remarkable achievement makes her the first Filipino soloist, the first female Filipino artist, and only the second Filipino artist overall to hit this milestone, according to @allchartsPH on X (formerly Twitter).


In May 2023, Moira celebrated crossing the 1 billion streams mark on Spotify. The fact that she managed to double this figure in just a year says a lot about her knack for composing songs that speak to people from all walks of life.


Here are some of Moira’s top-streamed songs: “Before It Sinks In” with 75,532,388 streams, “Babalik Sa’yo (from 2 Good 2 Be True)” with 93,997,166 streams, “Paubaya” with 97,194,344 streams, “Kumpas (from 2 Good 2 Be True)” with 71,225,702 streams, “Tagpuan” with 123,176,392 streams, “Ikaw At Ako” with 113,159,249 streams, and “You’ll Be Safe Here” with 9,907,349 streams.


Other notable tracks include “Mabagal” with 58,290,529 streams, “Titibo-Tibo” with 59,867,839 streams, and “Pasalubong,” a collaboration with Ben&Ben, which has 45,154,368 streams. The total number of streams for these songs alone amounts to 747,505,326, which constitutes approximately 37.38% of her total 2 billion streams.



Currently, Moira is on her 2024 world tour. As of this writing, she has completed four sold-out shows in the United States. She is set to continue her tour in Canada come June. Earlier this month, the Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation named her Female Recording Artist of the Year at the Box Office Entertainment Awards.


Moira’s journey from a dreamer singing commercial jingles to becoming a global music sensation is truly inspiring. Before her original compositions dominated the charts, she was the voice behind popular commercial jingles. Remember McDonald’s “Hooray for Today” jingle or Lewis and Pearl’s “You are Here” where she sang in French? How about Surf’s “Pinalaki” and Johnson & Johnson’s “Signature of Love”? These were just a few of the many jingles she lent her voice to. Unfortunately, she never got to write any of them.


Today, she’s earning plaudits for songs she penned herself. Who knows, maybe in another year she’ll cross the 3 billion mark? For someone as talented as she is, the sky’s the limit.


You can contribute to Moira’s streams by checking her out on Spotify.

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