It’s all gas and no brakes this 2023.”

That’s what guitarist Maki Valdez, one-fifth of Baguio-based hard rock/metal outfit DIVINA claims when asked about the band’s celebrated productivity. And he actually hit the proverbial nail on the head with the statement, as fans of the genre are – by now- aware that the Baguio-based band has been charging head-first into the fight of keeping heavy music alive, especially with the release of the band’s debut full-length Introspections last March 17th on all digital music and streaming sites.

Alongside his bandmates – vocalist and chief lyricist Dyanne Licudine, guitarist Lyndon Natividad, bassist Paul Guieb and drummer Jerich Mojica – Valdez spent the latter part of 2021 and the entire 2022 releasing furious singles and playing dates all over the country, winning-over various crowds with their live performance ethic and desire to create tunes that could both connect to fans of the genre and get the pits erupting. Though originally formed as a “pandemic band” by Baguio’s finest musicians who were no strangers to the craft, the current lineup seemingly found their stride last year, both chemistry and songwriting-wise.

The biggest challenge with creating Introspections was how we could tie-in and glue the songs together,” reveals Dyanne, who many may remember from her stint with her previous band EVEN. “We wanted to make sure there was a clear concept, especially with the direction of the music… so when Maki and Lyndon joined, they were great catalysts for the evolution of our overall sound.

With the album’s carrier single “Burn The Bridge,” audiences will immediately appreciate the fact that Divina caters to no specific sonic boundaries, and aims to fuse chunky guitar riffs with an irresistible rhythmic groove and Montenegro’s soaring and melodic vocal melodies.

My personal take is that it’s about protecting your peace,” says Lyndon, when asked about the overall theme of “Burn The Bridge.” “It’s a song about how we are sometimes distraught over the fact that we can’t mend broken relationships or keep attachments for long, and how – sometimes – severing ties with people who don’t even lift a finger to work things out is the only way to keep that peace.”

Also included in the album are the band’s two previously released singles “Exist” and “Freedom,” both of which were well-received by audiences and peers in the game alike. Interested fans can listen to the entire full-length here:



Released through independent label Deadstring Records – whose roster is continuously growing and catering to local heavy acts – Introspections was also formally launched the same day via a live showcase in the band’s native Baguio, featuring support acts IBARRA, ZOOM ZOOM LUNACY, MAGDALENA, AMATEURISH and ESTRAKTURA.

Unbelievably, the band has already started production on their sophomore release and isn’t wasting any time.

We definitely have more up our sleeves,” Paul shares, while Jerich finishes: “the current lineup is our final form – we’re excited to bring more to the table and add more influences and styles to the music of Divina.PULP


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