All set for a big crashing and smashing…”

The hook to Cavite-based melodic metal core band BRAVEFRONT’s debut single “Brawl” could not have set the tone perfectly, as the band has been furious in both the studio and on the stages, wasting no time and effort in their quest to deliver the pummeling carnage, breakdowns and a positive message to those who wish to receive it in spades.

Formed smack in the middle of the pandemic in early 2022, the band released their debut single by the end of the same year, and they immediately got their feet wet by diving into any and all shows that would have them; and so far, the reception from underground music fans has been very good.

And because the momentum is currently at an all-time high, Bravefront shows no signs of slowing down to smell the proverbial roses, no – as of this writing, they had just finished tracking their sophomore single and are excitedly planning to release it next month.

And during a rare break in the band’s day-to-day activities, PULP decided to chat with its members to see where they are right now, and where they plan to be in the not-so-distant future.


PULP: Tell us the basic history about your band: how the members formed, under what circumstances and what the initial goal was and how that goal evolved.

Iann:Kieth, our guitarist, and I had the idea to start a project band in early 2022, as a way of dealing with the stress brought about by the pandemic. Kieth managed to gather a few friends: drummer Mel Manalili (who also plays for SUCKETSEVEN), guitarist Katrina Vidal (who plays for progressive metal band FERMOSA), and bassist Xat Verano (of DARK THEORY and DELUBRIUM fame…). What was supposed to be just a fun jam in the studio ended-up being the start of something pretty good, by our standards: initally, we covered several songs from THE GHOST INSIDE, then as the band progressed, we started to write our own songs. Soon enough, our first single “Brawl” was released by late 2022; so yeah, from a simple “jam band” to a band dedicated in sharing a message of motivation and encouragement, and a band that’s not afraid to tackle critical issues through music.

PULP: With heavy music returning to the underground scene (and taking a bit of the backseat in the mainstream…) what is Bravefront’s current plan of attack?

Iann: Our only plan now is to create and release material based on our feelings and opinions, even the deeper, more personal issues that we can only seem to express through music. We share a common passion for the underground community, the bands and the varied audiences wherever we play that appreciate underground music… Our only plan of attack is to continue what we’re doing happily…

PULP: Bravefront’s first release “Brawl” has all the elements of vintage metalcore: anthemic growls, thick riffage and breakdowns. Which bands inspired the sound of the band?

Kat: Bravefront is heavily influenced by bands like THE GHOST INSIDE, HATEBREED, PARKWAY DRIVE, CRYSTAL LAKE and FOR TODAY.

PULP: Why do you think the scene is flourishing in Cavite now? And is there a specific community of bands you have a kinship with who play music in the same vein as Bravefront’s?

Kat: Yes – the music scene in Cavite is definitely thriving again! Caviteño musicians have always shown remarkable dedication to the underground scene… and just like beasts that have been tamed for a while (due to the pandemic), everyone’s now ready to pounce again, after the lockdown and all… And yes, we do have brother and sister bands that we love sharing the stage with during live gigs.

PULP: What does Bravefront have planned in the coming year, especially after the release of your upcoming single?”

Kat: Our new single “Doublecrosser” will be released this March – and we can’t wait to share it with y’all! Aside from playing live gigs, we are also aiming to produce an EP within the year. Currently, we are dedicating lots of time to fine-tune our songwriting process, and making sure that whatever we come up with has that distinct “Bravefront touch.” PULP

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Youtube: https://youtube.com/@bravefrontph1341

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6LhPw4AwM5LiFPFBv01NVx?si=frdtIIRHRaeqgD6tjQTu5w