Malaysia has always been referred to (somewhat inaccurately…) as Asia’s “hidden gem…” but the truth is, the food has always been good, the people have always been nice and there’s always been both the clamor and support for deep dives into culture and the arts. Ask anyone who’s been there, and they’ll be quick to tell you numerous reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to visit the beautiful country as soon as you get the chance.

And for serious music fans, another HUGE reason has just been added, because just last week, Malaysian Promoters and Events Company Hello Universe flew-in journalists from all over the Asian region and proudly broke the news that the two-time Grammy Award winning rock band will be performing in Kuala Lumpur only, as part of their upcoming Will of The People Tour 2023.



In an exclusive, by-invite only ceremony held at the  Zepp Music Hall (located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur…), members of the media themselves applauded and cheered in approval and excitement as they received first dibs on the news, which was made official via an impressive sound and lights display and video presentation, that featured a simple yet electrifying message from the members of Muse themlseves: “We can’t wait to perform live in Malaysia – see you guys on 29 July 2023!”



Following a performance from Malaysian acoustic artist PASHA – who offered an excellent rendition of Muse’s “Unintended” (off of the band’s 1999 album Showbiz) – it was none other than Hello Universe CEO Adam Ashraf who took the stage and addressed the enormity of the announcement directly: “Muse are most-welcome in Malaysia: Malaysia is rich in diversity, and it is comprised of people of many religions, races and ethnicities, [so] holding many different cultural and artistic activities here has never been a problem,” he shared, and continued, “concerts and festivals are a great way to help the pandemic-hit economy recover – on top of attracting foreign tourists, consequently, we are contributing to organize activities for the locals.”



In a post-interview after the press conference, Hello Universe’s Ryz Martein revealed that the event was mainly borne-out of the non-stop pursuit of Muse, even though the band’s original tour dates only included dates in Europe and Australia. Recognized as one of the best live bands in the world, Muse has also won multiple music awards outside of their homeland and has a legion of loyal fans in many countries. Aside from the band’s live appearance in 2019 at the Singapore F1 Grand Prix in 2019, the band’s last show in Kulala Lumpur took place 17 years ago in 2007. “Malaysia’s sort of always been looked-over in terms of being the choice destination for both artists and tourists,” Ryz shared. “So Muse playing in Malaysia this July 29th is the perfect opportunity – we want everybody to come down here and enjoy the show.” PULP


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