The unrelenting pop-punk renegades hailing from Towson, Maryland has been around since 2003 and have since undertaken an exquisite evolution. They’ve always forged on towards an upward direction, lifting their craft through transformative sonic landscapes in a seamless, impeccable manner.

Their most recent full-length album, ‘Wake Up, Sunshine’ stands to be their most hopeful work. Released in 2020, it represented the band in their most comfortable, uplifting form. While the band has never really stayed the same, they’ve been consistent with the way they carried their music through fearless and unforced experimentation, striving to be the best version of themselves with every album.

PULP: Your latest album ‘Wake Up, Sunshine’ is feeling quite encouraging – could you elaborate more on how the record came to life?

ALEX: We decided to rent a house in the desert and all live under the same roof for most of the album-making process. It felt very natural, and I think it really reconnected us to the band in a way we didn’t necessarily expect. We had so much FUN making this music, and I think that really shows.

PULP: You’ve said the album is a reminder of “coming to terms with who you are” – is that a mindset you’ve always had? Or did the difficult past couple of years bring it on?

ALEX: The record’s a reflection of the times, looking inward at ourselves and where we are as people now in our 30’s making music and living this crazy dream, but we wrote and recorded the album before the pandemic, and before things started to feel really difficult for everyone… But I think as the world changed so drastically, some of the songs on the record evolved to have new meanings for people, and that helped it connect even more. We just hope it brought people comfort in difficult times.

PULP: You’ve mentioned before that it’s been a long time since the four of you made a record under one roof, is it something you’ve paid a lot of thought to?

ALEX: It felt really important to go through that process at the time. We all needed to remind ourselves what we love so much about being in this band together.

PULP: What are some other lyrical themes on the record?

ALEX: I think it explores love, vices, betrayal, and generally just how we fit into the world as individuals.

PULP: What’s the most powerful track for you and the others each?

ALEX: That’s a tricky one! It’s hard to choose. But Basement Noise really feels special to us. It’s a reflective song about the beginnings of the band and an appreciation for how far we’ve come. The adventure never ends.

PULP: Is there a specific influence for this record?

ALEX: I look at Wake Up, Sunshine as a celebration of all the eras of All Time Low, so I think we were our own biggest influence on that one.

PULP: What have you learned about yourself over this pandemic break?

ALEX: That I play way too much Fortnite.

PULP: Did any of you have worries as you got back to the studio?

ALEX: I think we all had some worries that we might’ve forgotten how to make music but we’re already proving ourselves wrong on that!

PULP: Do you have any goals that you would like to achieve now that the tour (or concert) industry is back on its feet? How excited are you to be back in Manila soon?

ALEX: Just keep playing shows, bringing people together and having a great time celebrating individuality and community. We are SO SO excited to finally be coming back.

PULP: Any special messages you’d like to leave for your Manila fans?

ALEX: We love you so much! Thank you for continuing to support us the way you do, and we cannot wait to play for you all!

ALL TIME LOW LIVE IN MANILA, with special guests CHICOSCI, is happening on August 15, 2022, at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. Gates open at 6:00 PM, show starts at 7:00 PM.

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