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Dave Grohl’s Documentary “What Drives Us” Out Now on Amazon Prime Video

“What Drives Us” is the latest documentary of Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl released April 30, 2021. With interviews from both the up-and-coming bands and the legends of the music industry, the film tells the common story of every starting musician, packing up music equipment in a small cramped van and hitting the road with friends – all for their love and passion for music.



The uncertainty of the unknown and the “physicality of being in a different place” is what makes the experience exciting. Charlie Gabriel of Preservation Hall Jazz Band recalls “The road taught me how to live”. Starting their journey at a very young age, most musicians credit touring for their self-discovery. Bumps on the road were inevitable but getting to know people from different backgrounds and hopping from one place to another to play live music granted a unique experience every single time. These helped grow their musicality as experience plays a big role in writing songs. Metallica’s drummer Lars Ulrich admits that their time on the road was a time to connect with their bandmates, their music, and their audience, which he says “[and] that to me is what keeps me alive”.



Other prominent artists featured in the film were Jennifer Finch of L7, Tony Kanal of No Doubt, Flea of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Brian Johnson of AC/DC, St. Vincent, Dave Lombardo of Slayer, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, The Edge of U2, Ben Harper, Kira Roessler of Black Flag, Slash & Duff McKagan of Guns N’Roses, D.H. Peligro of Dead Kennedys, Exene Cervenka of X, Starcrawler, Mike Watt of Minutemen, Pete Stahl of Scream, Radkey, and Ian MacKaye of Fugazi / Minor Threat.

From teenagers driven by their dreams and mission to share their music with the rest of the world, were born legends whose names are known through generations of music fans. Ringo Starr of The Beatles leaves a piece of advice for young musicians: “You got to get in the van if you want to make it in this business.”


“What Drives Us” is now available for viewing through Amazon Prime Video. Click here for more details.