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TXT has Entered Virtual Reality in their Upcoming Album, ‘Minisode 1: BLUE HOUR’

Words by Erika Magpili | Photo Credits: Bighit Entertainment


On September 17, news outlet OSEN reported that TXT was in the final stages of preparing for their comeback album slated for release in late October. Soon after the report, the group’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, confirmed through Newsen that TXT are indeed preparing for their upcoming return. The agency assured the fans that their third mini-album will feature a refreshing concept different from their previous release, The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY, and its title track “Can’t You See Me?” which showed a darker concept.



Subsequently, TXT has been sharing comeback teasers with hints of retro video games and pixel art. On September 28, the group first released a teaser video entitled the ‘R’ version. The teaser shows an 8-bit image of a phone screen with colorful pixel wallpaper showing a room covered with posters, record players, sunglasses, and video game controllers. TXT continued with the pixel concept with the members portraying characters in a video game on the ‘R’ version concept photos.









Following the these photos, the group released a new set of concept photos, this time called the ‘VR’ version. Here, the boys entered an enchanting virtual reality with photos showing the similar pixelated background as the first set of concept photos. The newly released teasers featured various poses from each of the members and a group photo where they pose together in a Lego block background.









Meanwhile, on October 6, the group’s album distributor Dream Earth Company stated that TXT has surpassed 300,000 stock pre-orders – the highest yet for the group – for their upcoming album, Minisode 1: Blue Hour, two weeks after pre-orders for the album opened. Stock pre-orders determine the amount of stocks that will be produced prior to an album’s release. Stock pre-orders can be determined based on various factors including the estimated album demands that were pre-ordered by the fans.




TXT’s third mini album will be released on October 26. The album is the group’s first record in five months after they released their second mini-album in May. PULP