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Hopeless Records Announces Streaming Event

Words by Nic Angeles


Hopeless Records has announced a streaming event happening this weekend, This is Hopeless (Kinda) Live! featuring a number of acts on their artist roster.

We wanted to create an event to not only give our artists an outlet to play music for their fans again, but to give fans a chance to connect and experience live music in the safety of their own homes during quarantine,” says the label of the online event’s objective.

Fans can join the streaming event here and watch out for performances from Stand Atlantic, Super Whatevr, Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties, Point North, and Vaines. The event will also feature special appearances from WSTR, Afterlife, and Between You & Me.

Save the date and set your alarms—it premieres on Sunday, May 24th at 12:30am (IST) / 2am (WIB) / 3am (GMT+8).