Words by Ysabel Francisco 


Brand ambassadors of footwear brand Draven have come together to work on an all-out, full-length collaboration album called Project: Altered Beasts, and we’ve gotten our first taste of the upcoming album in the form of “Another Blasphemous Creation.” 

Spearheading this project is guitarist and former PULP Magazine Editor Joey Dizon of Skychurch and Intolerant fame, along with Ian Tayao of Queso and WilaBaliW and EVEN’s Jam Bumanlag. Project: Altered Beast will be releasing more songs throughout the course of the year.

Combining elements of old and new school thrash and hardcore, “Another Blasphemous Creation” was produced and arranged by Dizon himself. The track also features drummer Robert Dela Cruz, WilaBaliW/Arcadia bassist Keith Francisco, Sickpig guitarist Strat Ancheta, and VIE’s Rod Rodrigo, who provided the vocals for the song as well as writing the lyrics. Listen here: