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“Heavy Metal Rules” in Steel Panther’s Latest Music Video

Words by Ysabel Francisco 


Steel Panther’s latest music video, “Heavy Metal Rules” starts just right after the band walks out of the halls of Gettinsew High in their 2009 music video, “Death To All But Metal.” Coming from the album of the same name, “Heavy Metal Rules” chronicles an exaggerated comedic narrative of the band’s hardships and excesses, filled with sex and drugs as they venture on their literal and figurative road to success. Much like “Death To All But Metal,” it is also about how no matter how much time changes and how other genres of music might claim the spotlight, it’s Heavy Metal that will reign supreme.

The unapologetic tongue-in-cheek lyrics and the headbanging, electrifying music that Steel Panther is known for continues to be present in “Heavy Metal Rules.” The equally comedic music video is directed by Frankie Nasso who also previously worked with other acts such as Asking Alexandria, Escape The Fate, and Brian “Head” Welch from Korn. Nasso has also worked with Steel Panther before for “Gloryhole.”

Have a laugh and a half and watch “Heavy Metal Rules” music video here:



You don’t have to wait eleven years and fourteen days to listen to Steel Panther’s latest album. Heavy Metal Rules is already out and is available for purchase and streaming here.