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Simple Creatures Sing About Masking The Pain In Pre-released Single “One Little Lie”

Words by Yann Magcamit


Simple Creatures have given a very relatable track to fans ahead of the forthcoming release of their EP, Everything Opposite, this October 11. Titled “One Little Lie,” the song falls into the “trash-pop genre” and harrowingly laments about pretending to be alright.

“If I tell myself one little lie then I think that I’ll be alright/ I tell myself one little lie/ My head gets heavy every day like it’s filled with rocks and memories/ I tell myself one little lie and the pain don’t phase me,” its lyrics narrate.

Fans first heard the track from the Alex Gaskarth-Mark Hoppus duo in April during a live performance at Hangar – London Fields, and the anticipation for its studio version has been high since then.

Besides “One Little Lie,” Simple Creatures’ upcoming EP will contain five other tracks: “Special,” “Need Me,” “The Wolf,” “NVM,” and “Thanks, I Hate It.”

Listen to “One Little Lie” by Simple Creatures below: