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Turnover Release New Songs From Upcoming Album, Altogether

Words by Nic Angeles 


Turnover have revealed the details of their upcoming album, Altogether, with the release of two brand new songs.


Out November 1 through Run For Cover, Altogether was produced by the band’s long-time collaborator, Wil Yip, and will be the band’s fourth full-length album, following Good Nature (2017), Peripheral Vision (2016), and Magnolia (2013). 


Check out the first two singles from the album, “Much After Feeling” and “Plant Sugar”:





For this album, the trio (frontman Austin Getz, drummer Casey Getz, and bassist Danny Dempsey) wrote while living on opposite coasts–a first for the band who first emerged about a decade ago in Virginia Beach, VA. “Instead of making things more difficult, being far apart helped us learn to appreciate each other even more. As a band, we’re closer now than we’ve ever been before,” says Austin Getz. He later adds: “Working remotely for the most part, everybody was able to send ideas around on their own schedules, and nobody felt too protective of anything, so the new songs started to reflect each of our personalities more than ever before,”


“On this record, more than in the past, we wanted to keep in mind the beauty of writing ‘popular music,’” adds Getz. “By that, I mean music for people who don’t have the time to delve into the niches and find fringe artists, music for those of us who are busy with work or our families or whatever problems might be around. Music is real magic that can change people’s days and lives, and the more people listening and loving, the better.”


Pre-order Altogether here.



Altogether Track Listing

1. Still In Motion

2. Much After Feeling

3. Parties

4. Number On The Gate

5. Sending Me Right Back

6. Ceramic Sky

7. Valley Of The Moon

8. No Reply

9. Plant Sugar

10. Temporary Love