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Re-recorded Dashboard Confessional Albums Out Now

Words by Nic Angeles | Photo by David Bean


After a UK/Europe acoustic tour happening later in the year was announced, Now Is Then Is Now, a collection of reimagined Dashboard Confessional albums, is out now.


“I did these records for me. But I hope you like them. I got pushed off course while recording the original version of these three records and though I love them I still wondered what could have been if I had recorded them the way I had envisioned them, with their original lyrics and original structures,” said Chris Carrabba upon the re-release of A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar, Dusk and Summer, and Alter The Ending—iconic albums from Dashboard Confessional’s catalog.


“Albums are both of their time and evolving narratives. They live and grow now as they did then,” he said further of the project—stripped down and bare like the first two studio albums, The Swiss Army Romance (2000) and The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most (2001).

Here’s Now Is Then Is Now: