Oh, Weatherly’s Lips Like Oxygen Reimagined in New EP

Words by Nic Angeles | Photo by Megan Thompson

Oh, Weatherly have given fan-favorite tracks from their debut album Lips Like Oxygen a new treatment in their newly released EP.

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“We wanted to do something a little different than just transfer the songs to acoustic guitar, so we got creative,” says frontman Blake Roses, who also described the EP as a “combination of different genres that we love.”

Currently signed under Hopeless Records, the band from Rockwall, Texas released Lips Like Oxygen in July 2018. This follows their 2017 EP Make You Bright.

Lips Like Oxygen Reimagined is out now. Get it here.

Lips Like Oxygen Reimagined Track Listing:

1. You Were The Letdown (Chasing California)

2. Without My Ring (I Think I Want You)

3. We’re Doing Fine (Dark of the Night)