Watch The Music Video for False Contender’s ‘Picket Fences’ Featuring Chris Panaga of Stillife

The picket fence has long been used as a symbol for keeping up appearances.  It may look pretty and swell outside, but you’ll see it’s anything but once you come in.

Pop-punk band False Contender borrow that idea for their new single “Picket Fences” (featuring Chris Panaga of Stillife). “Stop throwing dirt at my face to make yourself feel clean,” Banjone Roque spits, “everyone knows the two-faced person you’ve always been.” The music video for it finds the band engulfed in ghostly fog as they perform it in an old-fashioned house. Watch it below:

The video was directed by Niko Cezar (The Crow Studios), while the track was mixed and recorded by Campsite Recordings, This Is Where I Make Music, and Glasstone Studio.